Discover Dephics

We are a full-service creative and tech company driven by innovative trends in technology

About Us

For over a decade, we have crafted and delivered state-of-the-art creative, digital, and tech solutions

Dephics was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Our strengths lie in providing creative and digital solutions across multiple industries from small-medium enterprises to very well-established brands. We have helped several brands to define and redefine their identity as well as transform their business operations.

Our Culture

We have worked so hard to build a culture that is both fun and collaborative. We are having so much fun at work but at the end of the day, we get things done. We are built on trust, passion, and loyalty, our ultimate goal has been always to define reality and lose ourselves to serve others. At our workplace; we learn, thrive and grow as people and professionals.

Our Vision

To become the most preferred, innovative, and trusted brand in offering creative and digital solutions across Africa by 2032.

Our Mission

Bringing order to complexity and achieving the reputation of quality in all that we do.

Our Core Values

● People
● Teamwork
● Integrity
● Quality
● Customers

Our Team

We are defined by bringing together talents with a
shared vision, creative mind, and passion,
which helps us be the best fit for our clients

The secret to our success is that we have a very passionate, professional, and skilled team that amasses good years of experience working on groundbreaking projects. Our team is a combination of young and dynamic qualified individuals as well as seniors and experienced professionals.

Each of our team member is amazing in his/her own right and keeps up with the “run it like you own it attitude”.